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If you are in a business partnership, it's a relationship that needs your attention. Attending to your working relationships is not a sign of weakness, it's recognition of the pressures of day to day expectations from customers, staff and peers.

In any business, not for profit, public or the private sector, trust, commitment and accountability are essential to your success. If you are experiencing a lack of cohesion with your team, board or group, learning to do real work together while building trust and confidence is a first step. I can guide you through a process to help you listen to and understand those you work with and build better business relationships.

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Intensive Couples Work

Make the most of your time. Traditional fifty minute couples counseling is an incremental approach to change. Intensive couples sessions are designed to provide ample time to do the work needed to make changes in your relationship and are designed to meet your specific needs.

In an Intensive, a couple spends 2 whole days or 4 half days with me as your guide learning how to create the relationship you hold in your dreams. You will gain a deeper understanding of your relationship and skills to transform it into the relationship you have imagined.

Whether you are looking to reconnect, heal an affair or say goodbye, an Intensive is for you. For information call or text, 520.603.8906.

To be offered spring 2020

Couples Retreat: Nourishing Love and Happiness

Join us for a weekend that will expand your understanding and appreciation for your relationship. Discover how your brain created habits that make your relationship stressful. Learn how to use your brain to create new habits, bringing depth, passion and sizzle to your connection.

Thich Nhat Hahn says "Compassion is the second element of love." To have compassion you must have understanding. Learn the skills and gain the tools to understand, restore and nurture a loving connection.

$150 deposit to register
The remaining balance must be one week prior to the wrokshop day to ensure your place at the workshop.

Hilo, Hawaii

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